Who's coming as of 08/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Carmita Champ Higher Education 2011 2011
Benjamin Cheng Mechanical Eng 2011 2011 Corina Lam
Markiyan Doliba Biological Sci 2011 2011 Ankur Nagpal, Valerie Lichtman
Marshall Fleming Business Admin 2011 2011 Anthony D'Angelo
Lysa Monique Jenkins-Hayden Creative Arts 2011 2011
Melinda Johnson Ed Ldshp & Mgmt 2017, Higher Education 2011 2011 Angela Harris, Lorina Marshall-Blake, Arnetta Williams
Meredith Lowry Law 2015, Music Industry 2011 2011
Keshia Maughn Public Health 2011 2011
Stephanie Miller Graphic Design 2011 2011 Daniel Usher
Farrah Moldover Materials Sci & Eng 2011 2011 Stephen Moldover, Michele Moldover
Melissa Nedza Creative Arts 2011 2011 Carol Hammal, Ninette Harvey, Magda Barsoum, Girija Kaimal, Michele (Lewis) Rattigan
Vivian Ng Science of Instruction 2011 2011
Timothy Niesen Medicine 2011 2011 Tara Colella
Devon (Montgomery) Pasha Culinary Arts 2011 2011
Pam Phojanakong PH (Full-Time) 2011 2011
Angus Shieh Public Health 2011 2011
Alicia Rae Torpey Nursing 2011 2010 Kevin McLeish
Terence Tuhinanshu Software Eng 2011 2011 Rajiv Trivedi

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